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Putting a roof over the heads of some of the world’s most disadvantaged.

Some families will never own their own piece of real estate. They belonging to the most impoverished, disadvantaged communities across the globe who live in squalid slums or toxic rubbish dumps. Here they dwell in cardboard shanties or other makeshift housing put together from rubbish they’ve scavenged – surviving under the most deplorable conditions. Without access to clean water or education, each generation faces the same depth of poverty and hopelessness as the previous.

Agents Of Mercy is making a difference. They believe simple, clean housing is a vital step in building pathways out of poverty. In conjunction with wholistic development initiatives, putting a roof over the heads of the world’s most disadvantaged sets them on the path to a better life with a future full of hope.

Join with Agents Of Mercy to bring positive change, to ease the burdens of those most challenged by abject homelessness.

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