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From the Ground Up was founded in response to the devastating 2015 earthquake in Nepal. Beyond the immediate aftermath of the disaster, FTGU began to focus on the development of social infrastructure, such as education.

The Bandevi Manichud School, in remote Tamang village of Ghumarchowk, saw 85% of its structure destroyed by the quake. FTGU is working with the community to redevelop the school because:

  • The temporary tin shelter classrooms currently set up do not offer a productive learning space, leaving children exposed to extreme elements.
  • Many children walk 2-3 hours, often uphill to reach the school on a daily basis.
  • Considering the above, many of the low-income, financially strained families in the community opt to put their children to work rather than attend school
  • A reduction in school attendance will lead to the school's eventual closure. This would mean that more than 100 children would not have an alternative for schooling given the access issues in this mountainous region.
  • The rebuild will use an earth brick product that is up to three times stronger than regular mortar brick whilst being made from locally available materials. The added construction quality means that the redeveloped school will be more earthquake resistant.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Attract additional government and volunteer support
  • Be able to accommodate an additional 200-250 students, making the overall student population around 450 children
  • Provide the opportunity for a holistic and higher quality education, increasing school graduation and tertiary education opportunities
  • Provide a safer and more productive learning environment
  • Serve as a hub for additional non-curriculum courses for students as well as other community members.

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