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High unemployment, low incomes from largely subsistence agriculture, and relatively low health standards makes life pretty tough for many families in Nias. The Ono Niha Foundation is committed to creating sustainable change through programs dedicated to:

# Increasing local employment by improving the operations of a locally managed coconut oil factory and implementing alternative uses for by-products, aiming to make the Foundation self-sufficient by the end of the project.

# Improving education standards by supporting students from impoverished families who otherwise would have to work to supplement family incomes.

# Providing additional English and computer classes.

# Helping less-abled young people by improving their abilities through therapy in the pool and in their homes, increasing their self-worth, and supporting their family / carers.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Build a new coconut factory that will allow increased production to meet the growing demand for its oil, employ more locals and increase efficiency
  • Scholarships to support at-risk students and provide additional English and computer tuition
  • Upgrade existing computers
  • Renovate the old coconut factory into a dedicated Disabilities Support Centre
  • Using local skills, build therapy aids for use in the Support Centre and in homes
  • Social Enterprise
  • Support therapists as they provide therapy in the Support Centre, the local pool and through regular home visits

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