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Taking Healthcare to the Homes of the world’s poorest

Burundi, Central Africa is recognised as one of the poorest countries in the world. At 40% the size of Tasmania, a population of over 12 million exists on an average income of AUD $1 per day. Most rural Burundians have no ready access to health treatment, where even a single course of antibiotics costs US$ 10 – i.e. 2 weeks wages.

There is a desperate need in rural Burundi where people are suffering and dying from easily treatable injuries and diseases, as help is either too far away or unaffordable. To address this need, this project will be establishing a Mobile Health Service (MHS), to employ locally trained nurses, and send them out into villages on bicycles to educate and treat those they can, and identify those who need higher levels of care. Where specialised health care is required, the MHS will operate a first-aid “ambulance” to transport people to and from medical clinics or hospitals which are often many hours’ walk away.

To fully implement this vital service, significant costs will be involved. Initial costs include the purchase of a suitable 4WD vehicle (approx. AUD 10,000) and bicycles (approx. AUD 1000), with operating costs of training, wages and supplies of approx. AUD30,000 pa. The Mobile Health Service is backed by World Relief Australia and approved for tax-deductable status.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Purchase of suitable 4WD vehicle(s) as first aid “Ambulances”
  • Employment of Burundian trained nurses
  • Ongoing education of nurses
  • Bicycles for nurse transport
  • Education material for distribution to villagers

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