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Consulting Services

Providing specialist advice to ensure the greatest sustainable impact for your philanthropic investments

World Relief Australia (WRA) is an umbrella aid organisation that partners with Australian non-government organisations to deliver international development projects. We have supported over fifty organisations to deliver the highest quality aid to those in need across Africa, Asia, the Pacific, and Latin America. We have achieved this through developing and utilising a suite of international development training tools and providing ongoing tailored support to our partners.

Consulting Services: Providing independent quality advice and support tailored to your needs.

World Relief Australia Consulting Services is the international consulting arm of WRA. We capitalise on our comprehensive experience in international development to advise donors on maximising impact of their philanthropic investment. We also provide specialist advice to corporations on effective corporate responsibility initiatives. Finally, we provide advice to international development organisations to ensure they are implementing best practice programs.

For NGOs…

We enhance the quality of your charity to ensure sustainable impact for your beneficiaries.
Our extensive field experience enables us to independently identify how your charity could enhance its governance and programming effectiveness. We review your organisation against industry standards including the WRA Code of Conduct, ACFID’s principles of good development, DFAT’s Overseas Aid Gift Deduction Scheme status, and the ACNC’s Governance Standards. We then provide recommendations to enable your charity to reach best practice.
These recommendations are complemented by policies, templates, and other tools that WRA can tailor to your organisational needs.

For philanthropists…

We find and review potential projects and charities to give you confidence that your donations are being well spent.
Finding outstanding charities and projects to support can be challenging. WRA Consulting can help you identify potential charities to partner with and projects to support through our widespread networks. This means that your donations can go to the cause you feel most passionate about in the country of your choice.
We also conduct due diligences on charities or projects you have identified to give you confidence that your funds are being well spent. We can also build the capacity of your chosen charities should there be areas of low capacity identified in the due diligence.

For companies…

We design your Corporate Social Responsibility and Shared Value strategies to suit your passions and needs.
WRA Consulting is the one-stop shop for developing your CSR and Shared Value strategies. We boast a network of over fifty reliable partner charities in over fifty countries, providing you with ample choice of partners and projects.
We can also conduct due diligences on potential charities and projects to minimise the risk of supporting unknown charities or projects. This means that you can have confidence that your philanthropic and Shared Value contributions are making a positive impact in the world.

Our Cost Structure: Providing you with a tailored cost approach to suit your needs

Take advantage of our free initial consultation to discuss how we can assist you!

NGO Effectiveness Booster

WRA Consulting ensures that your charity is aligned to industry standards and implementing best practice in governance and programming. We do this through developing organisational strategy documents, establishing policies, and providing appropriate templates.

Due Diligence on a Charity or Project

WRA reviews a chosen organisation or project’s compliance with statutory requirements and alignment with industry standards, including DFAT, ACFID, and ACNC. We then provide reports outlining risks involved in supporting the charity or project, and recommendations on how it can meet best practice.

Philanthropist and Cause Match-making

WRA will find the perfect charity for you to support. We will explore your passions and the types of causes you would ideally support with you, then use our comprehensive charity networks to find the best charity to suite your philanthropic passion.

CSR / Shared Value Initiative Strategy Development

WRA will investigate what you and your company would like to achieve with your CSR and Shared Value strategies, and then find a portfolio of charities to suit your needs.

Social Enterprise Establishment

WRA provides advice on building social enterprises internationally based on our development experience.

Our Team

WRA’s Consulting Services boasts a team of expert international development practitioners. Each member has over fifteen years’ comprehensive experience in the sector, working both in Australia and in developing countries for non-governmental organisations, research institutions, and the Government.

Dr Donald Van Cooten PhD

Donald is the Chief Executive Officer of WRA. He began his career 30 years ago as an agricultural scientist and spent 17 years in Indonesia working on a range of community development projects. Donald’s cross-cultural skills and commitment to helping the marginalised enabled him to facilitate initiatives at village, regional, national and international levels.
Donald’s research interests have resulted in the publication of reviewed papers in numerous international journals, as well as village farmer guides in local languages. Donald's international experience includes his appointment as Australian Consul in West Timor, involving him in Australian-Indonesian ministerial forums and the promotion of bilateral joint ventures. In recent years, Don has managed hundreds of community development initiatives in over 50 countries. He has also been instrumental in developing a Code of Conduct for small Australian NGOs involved in overseas relief and development.

Belinda Pratten BPsych MPH MBA

Belinda has worked in international development for 15 years. Belinda’s most recent role is Programming Advisor for World Relief Australia. During this time, she has advised numerous charities on enhancing their effectiveness, and successfully applied for overseas aid gift deductibility scheme status. Prior to working for WRA, she was the Program Advisor for Latin America with World Vision Australia. She has also worked for the Australian Red Cross managing a number of their Pacific projects, and has worked for the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) both in Australia as a Policy Officer, and in Papua New Guinea as a Civilian Peace Monitor. Belinda has also implemented programs for International Medical Corps in Kosovo and East Timor. Belinda has a Master of Business and Administration (MBA), a Master in Public Health, and a Bachelor in Psychology (Honours).

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