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Nepal Quake Emergency

Nepal is in a state of utter chaos and despair following the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on Saturday 27th April. The initial quake and its recurrent aftershocks brought the nation's capital to its knees and has completely flattened towns and villages closer to the eipcentre. The Nepalese Government has sent out an offical request for international humanitarian assistance as the death toll continues to rise beyond 4,300 and hope for missing loved ones is quickly fading.

In these early days of reconnaissance, the full extent of damage is difficult to estimate. The rugged terrain presents emergency teams with added challenges of accessibility, so much so that the vulnerability impact assessment is being carried out by aerial scoping and satellite surveillance. What is known is that the most affected areas are Gorkha (epicentre), Lamjung, Sindhupalchok, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Lalitpur. Much of Kathmandu is semi-operational and aid supplies are en route but grave fears are held for the people in more remote communities.

In response, a joint disaster relief response has been established with our partners Himalyan Development Foundation Australia. This will be a two-phase initiative, with a staged deployment of financial support according to needs determined on the ground:

Phase one - Emergency relief: 25% of the funds raised will be sent to recognised emergency relief organisations who have the capacity to provide strategic and effective aid interventions.

Phase two - Recovery and restoration: 75% of funds will be retained for medium-term rebuilding of infrastructure such as is needed for schools and hospitals. Since development, rather than relief, is best suited to our in-country partner's expertise, we see this approach to be the most effective.

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image sourced from BBC

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