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Mention the word slavery and images of 18th Century transatlantic crossings come to mind. Although slavery today is outlawed in every country, it is totally shocking to realise that human trafficking is bigger than ever albiet hidden from the modern world.

Human trafficking is a multi-billion dollar business that disperses its cargo to every corner of the globe. Humans are a commodity which can be sold over & over again. Victims of this horrific market suffer repeated rape, beatings, forced abortions, mental abuse and isolation. It is estimated that today up to 27 million people are enslaved in the world, MORE than at any other time in history.

Modern-day slavery comes in many different forms: forced labour, child soldiers, sex slavery, debt bondage and illicit organ harvesting. And, while figures are disheartening, hope must not be lost. WRA plays a part in stemming the tide of human trafficking by facilitating projects which speak out and declare that 'no one should be for sale'.


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