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Digital Innovation

Digital InnovationDespite primary school enrolment rates now averaging over 90% worldwide, many millions of children are still deprived of vital literacy skills due to poor quality education and a lack of learning resources.  In many underprivileged schools, classroom shelves lie bare and library catalogues are non-existent.  

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Through the use of online technology, knowledge is being made more easily accessible than ever before.  Students are able to read, watch and download from a cloud-based library stocked with millions of educational resources at the click of a button.  Even in areas where internet is lacking, offline alternatives allow for the continuation of learning from a large store of electronic course materials.  

Having successfully passed extensive pilot trials, this state-of-the-art library platform is now being rolled out in schools right across the world.  WRA is pleased to be playing a part in lifting education standards through creative innovation.


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