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Humanitarian Assistance

Recent natural disasters and humanitarian crises have left large populations broken and hurting. The far-reaching impacts of these catastrophes have not been limited to their epicentres alone, but have radiated across international borders in a cry for aid, relief workers and the acceptance of displaced peoples.

Humanitarian Assistance

When Nepal was devastated by two magnitude 7 earthquakes, in-country teams were quickly mobilised. Aviation specialists tirelessly flew relief packages and personnel to unreached mountain villages in desperate need of assistance. Ground deployments similarly turned their attention to rural communities to conduct needs' assessments, distribute supplies and plan precautionary measures such as water purification and sanitation to prevent further adversity.

 Ongoing distress and disorder caused by the Syrian refugee crisis has also triggered an emergency response. Food distribution outposts are hard at work in refugee camps, giving particular prioritisation to infants and pregnant mothers. The provision of door-to-door deliveries, follow-up services and field monitoring ensures families are fed during these turbulent times.

Humanitarian AssistanceOn the opposite side of the globe, the legacy left behind by Cyclone Winston continues to disrupt livelihoods in Fiji.  There, long-term relief efforts throughout the aftermath are focused on regenerating crops, re-establishing water supplies and reconstructing infrastructure on the island of Viti Levu.  Deliberate efforts have been made to educate locals of the threat of disease to keep transmission to a minimum.

WRA recently partnered with a variety of in-country orgs to bring humanitarian assistance to people experiencing devastation beyond belief...turning their 'how can we begin again?' into 'now we can go on.'



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