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Food Security

Food SecuritySoil erosion, overgrazing, land degradation, drought, deforestation and small land holdings are just some of the many inter-related factors contributing to famine and food insecurity around the world.  When combined with homogenous culinary traditions and non-diversified diets which lack essential micronutrients, malnutrition is almost certain to result.  

food security

Although climate variables play a large role, a lot can be done to improve agricultural yields and maximise productive capacities in a cost-effective and sustainable way.  Together with our in-country project partners, WRA’s food security projects involve:
-    Soil conservation
-    Irrigation and terracing
-    Livestock management
-    Crop diversification
-    Fish farming
-    Tree planting and nursery development
-    Greenhouse construction
-    Farmer cooperatives
-    Community and school gardens
-    Nutrition awareness programs

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Donate to a cause
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