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MicrofinanceMicroloans help budding entrepreneurs to bring small commercial ventures to life.  Rather than a hand out, they stimulate sustainable businesses by providing access to finances that would otherwise be unavailable.  The loan is an initial investment which allows recipients to live beyond their day to day needs and establish a bank of savings from which they can break free from the shackles of poverty.  

Beneficiaries of microfinance programs extend far beyond the direct loan recipient.  The community benefits from improved service delivery, localised market stimulation and job diversification whilst positive impacts also flow to the next generation through renewed hope of self-determination and empowerment.  Where women are recipients of microfinance loans, they commonly receive greater influence and respect within their households.

WRA supports microfinance projects ranging from vegetable farming, chicken raising and dairy production to bakeries, carpentry and dressmaking.

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Donate to a cause
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