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Social Enterprise

‘Social enterprise’ uses opportunities presented by market forces to help alleviate social problems and improve human wellbeing.  In the developing world, many budding entrepreneurs are deprived of their potential because they often have no access to the necessary capital beyond their own vegetable gardens.

Social Enterprise

Social enterprise provides a way out of cyclical unemployment by presenting income stream opportunities for community members to get involved as a means of supporting themselves and their family.  Not only do trainees build a specialised skillset, but they also learn the auxiliary skills that accompany any venture such as marketing, leadership, literacy, numeracy and financial management.  This will safeguard participants from unscrupulous deals whilst also instilling the importance of keeping family finance separate from enterprise funds.

Once established, the ongoing operation of local enterprise will stimulate cash flow, provide employment and diversify service delivery.   A household that is built upon self-sufficient provisions is not only sustainable, but also sets an example for others to follow.

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Donate to a cause
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