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Vocational Training

vocational trainingVocational training generates empowerment for the individual and capacity for the community.  It brings hope to the destitute and opportunity to the unlearned.  Equipping locals with trade expertise and life skills breaks the chain of dependence on welfare and uplifts the poor toward a prosperous future.    

Vocational training programs typically involve:
-    Establishing a Centre or work site
-    Developing a curriculum for the specific trade
-    Purchasing necessary tools and equipment
-    Promoting the course to suitable applicants
-    Appointing and regularly up-skilling training staff
-    Creating income streams through product sales or services
-    Developing business models or securing work experience/ apprenticeships/ job contracts for graduands

A wide spectrum of vocational skills training programs are currently in operation, including embroidery, welding, computing skills, artisan dyeing, knitting and shoe-making.

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