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Water Security

Contaminated with disease, human waste, toxic chemicals or heavy metals, unimproved water sources are the only option for quenching the thirst of an estimated 880 million people worldwide.  Complicated by the inexorable encumbrances of climate change, annual rains are becoming harder to predict as temperatures rise and water tables drop.

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Lack of clean water supplies endanger health as many communities must consume the same water they bathe in.  Outbreaks of infectious diseases such as cholera, hepatitis A and dysentery are common, and a lifetime of exposure to harmful toxins can lead to cancers and other chronic conditions.  Furthermore, the hours spent on daily water collection demands a heavy toll on productive capacities and can pose threats of danger or fatigue.

WRA’s projects are implemented to improve community resilience using sand dams, rainwater tanks, groundwater wells and filtration units, together with the maintenance training required to ensure sustainability and longevity.

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