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WRA Unsung Heroes 2014

Each year we ask you to nominate selfless individuals who have tirelessly dedicated themselves to WRA's mission of relieving human suffering and empowering the poor. This year it is our privilege to announce the winners of WRA's Unsung Heroes Award -- Neville & Lill Muir.

Why Neville & Lill? ....

Neville began teaching communication skills to the deaf way back in the early 70's. His vision of seeing deaf people connected and engaged in the world has taken him into remote communities across the globe these past 40+ years.

From humble beginnings in Korea, Neville & Lill established what is known today as Deaf Ministries International (DMI) and have led the charge in bringing hope and a future to countless numbers of people in countries like the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, Japan, China, Colombia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, Burundi, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Syria, Egypt, Congo and South Sudan.

Under Neville & Lill's leadership, DMI has established kindergartens, schools, small factories, hearing clinics, farm projects, business enterprises, student boarding houses and support centres which equip deaf people with the skills they require to become contributing members of society.

Particularly seeking out individuals who do not even know their own name and have never engaged in meaningful communication, Neville & Lill's dream is realised as they witnesses them and their family learn sign language, access quality education and, eventually, engage in meaningful employment. So great is their success, in fact, that these students often find employment more easily than hearing people!

Neville's gorgeous wife, Lill, has been an integral part of this life-long vision - the thing that stands out about them both is their faith in God which sustains and empowers them to keep going!

Neville & Lill, we acknowledge your dedication to relieving the suffering & disadvantage that is experienced by the deaf in countless remote communities. We recognise and salute you as WRA's Unsung Heroes 2014.


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