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WRA Workshops

Workshops are not just an opportunity to learn something relevant for your relief and development cause. They are also a place to

# meet & greet
# build a support base
# cross-fertilise ideas
# appreciate & encourage
# source people & skills

From Jess Jacobson, a recent registrant....We had a great time last night. I went with two of our fantastic Country Managers and it was just wonderful to be able to meet other organisations, hear what everyone is up to, and share experiences. When we met with WRA's CEO we spoke about the possibility of The Oaktree Foundation hosting the next 'Meet & Greet' workshop (we have a big area, which WRA is very welcome to). Would love to make this happen!

Be ready for stimulating training workshops and networking opportunities as they come to your capital city, featuring:

* training on specific aspects of development
* expo presentations by partner groups
* keynote speakers
* discussion of latest policy issues
* updates of latest developments in the field of aid
* interaction and link-building opportunities

WRA's most recent workshop events were the 'Meet & Greets' in Adelaide, Brisbane and Sydney plus the International Development Symposium held @ the Vibe Savoy, Melbourne

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