Harvest Ministries is dedicated to providing quality education to the poorest and most marginalised children in India. Their English Language School and Vocational Training programs, based in the rural area of Trivandrum, work with and for the local community to raise the value and effectiveness of education. Harvest Ministries' program ensures that even those at the margins have access to quality education and the opportunity to break away from the poverty cycle.

Vocational Training in embroidery, tailoring, carpentry, welding and computer skills empowers the adults of the community to increase their employment prospects, raising their income and, therefore, the quality of life for their families.

A sustainable fish farming enterprise has been established and has become a profitable source of income for Harvest Ministries. A plan to expand this enterprise will be implemented when the current pandemic subsides.

During the covid epidemic, the focus of the ministry has expanded to include a Health Clinic which has been instrumental in helping the poorest members of the local community.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Education
  • Vocational Training
  • Sustainable Fish Farm Enterprise
  • Covid 19 Health Response

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