Our Values

We value people, regardless of age, gender or religious affiliation.
We do not discriminate against any person but treat all equally.

We are committed to the poor.
Basic human needs are defined as primary health care, basic education, family planning, nutrition, water and sanitation, and shelter.

We are a voice for the disadvantaged and the oppressed.
We recognise that we live in an unjust world where the gap between rich and poor, advantaged and disadvantaged, liberated and oppressed continues to widen. Our role is to speak for those who have no voice.

We are partners and stewards.
We achieve our goals through effective partnerships both within Australia and overseas. We are stewards of the responsibility we have to a world in need and of our donor funds.

We are passionate, responsive and committed.
As a Christian humanitarian organisation, our passion is to pass on the love of Jesus through our words and actions. This moves us to respond with commitment wherever possible to the needs of people throughout the world.