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The United Nations Development Program reported in 2015 that according to the Central Statistics Agency, almost 30 million people or 12.36 percent of the population in Indonesia live below the national poverty line. With certain regions of Indonesia poorer than others and poverty rates in the regions of Papua and West Papua being more than double that of the national average.

Such widespread poverty in Papua / West Papua shows its face no more clearly than in the lack of access to clean drinking water. Due to the almost virtual absence of international aid groups in Papua, there are to date very few clean water programs provided by NGO’s. The West Papuan Development Company works with its local partner in Papua to build wells in the lower socio-economic areas of Papua. Many families after struggling with no easy access to clean water for many years, have their standard of living increased significantly with the building of a well. Wells that will provide for their children and their grandchildren for an estimated 40-50 years to come.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Needs’ analysis
  • On-site construction of wells
  • Training in maintenance of the well

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