1807 Friends of Nias Medical

Provision of much-needed medical services in Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia
1807 Friends of Nias Medical

Friends of Nias is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated in providing medical services in Lagundri Bay on the island of Nias, Indonesia.

A Clinic in the heart of Sorake Beach will be established which will serve the local people as well as provide accommodation for visiting medical consultants / volunteers.

Friends of Nias will upskill a team of local Doctors and Nurses who will be engaged in running the Clinic on a day-to-day basis. They aim to provide free medical services to the impoverished people of Nias Island. The Clinic will be seeking financial support through charitable donations and aiming to increase sustainability by offering paid services to visiting surfers.

For anybody who has experienced the beauty of Sumatra, or the magical waves of Nias, this is an opportunity to give something back to the community. Friends of Nias was founded by surfers and led by Dr Raf Ghabrial’s passion to create a medical service for locals, visiting surfers and travelers to the region of Lagundri Bay.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Establishment of medical clinic
  • Fit out of medical clinic
  • Engagement of local staff
  • Medical supplies
  • Training workshops

View the Friends of Nias website for more info

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