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Light of Hope operates as a centre of influence and a service to rural villages in Cambodia where 80% of families live on or below the poverty line (less than USD $3 per day). Here everyday survival is a struggle; a single change of circumstance such as a failure in crops, an accident or any other misfortune can rapidly tip vulnerable families over the edge and into harm’s way. Their children are most at-risk of experiencing severe malnutrition, abandonment of basic education, desertion or, worse still, are sold to become indentured slaves.

Development activities at Light of Hope provide changes in individual lives, strengthen families and empower communities to reach for brighter futures and pathways out of poverty.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Security and improved health / well-being of destitute children
  • Vulnerable families identified and strengthened to increase their ability to care and provide for their children
  • Quality education provided for at-risk students from classes K-12
  • Improved futures for Cambodian youth through the provision of vocational training scholarships

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