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Adventist Rescued Children’s Care (ARCC) provides a developmental pathway for orphaned, abandoned, abused and destitute children. Created just for them, is a safe, nurturing home environment where dedicated staff and house parents teach the children manners, morals, values, responsibility and life-skills.

Each child has access to nourishing food, a quality education and healthcare. In providing this home-like atmosphere and educational opportunities through to University or TAFE level, each child has an opportunity to reach their full potential. Ultimately every child who has benefitted from their experience at ARCC will have opportunity to be able to positively give back to the community.
This project also helps two children’s villages in refugee camps on the Thailand/Myanmar border. Children in both camps have tragic stories and are living in the most difficult circumstances. By providing them with a loving home environment, a quality education and an opportunity to know God, we pray that they may recover from their traumatic past and move forward to engage with opportunities available to them as political and economic changes continue to takes place.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Address health and nutritional needs of vulnerable children
  • Recovery initiatives, trauma counselling and life-skills
  • Provision of quality education and ongoing opportunities

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