1816 Share, Teach & Reach

Renewed hope through education for Badjao sea-gypsies of the Philippines
1816 Share, Teach & Reach

The Badjao are known as ‘sea gypsies’.  They are, by tradition, fishermen who live in shanties over the water.  In recent years, however, population pressure has depleted stocks in the ocean and they have been forced onto the land to find work.  As the Badjao are largely despised, discriminated against and considered to be second-class citizens, they are uneducated, illiterate and have great difficulty securing mainstream employment.

This project seeks to provide opportunities for the Filipino Badjao to break free from poverty strongholds and experience a renewed hope through education for a better future. It will provide an educational space for the community as well as training and resources for teachers / tutors that will allow the next generation to go to school and raise their skill level, giving them opportunity to step out of generational poverty.

Key Areas of Investment
  • Rent & fit-out suitable premises
  • Curriculum development
  • Professional development of teachers / tutors
  • Educational resources

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