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Medical Camps - We have just completed the fourth free medical camp in the slum area of Manyatta Kenya. We have been able to treat 809 people – our biggest camp yet, bringing the total number of people who have received treatment in just under 12 months to 2412. With each camp costing AUD$5000, we have really been blessed with the results and value for money received at these camps.

Trade School  - Our trade school has seen a large group of women learning bag and wallet making. We have 21 students currently completing dressmaking and tailoring studies and we have 2 full time teachers facilitating these courses. We are also now offering a hairdressing course and making use of the facilities by hiring them out for seminars and youth rallies. The students are encouraged by what they are learning and excited by the prospects of using these skills to provide for their families in the future.

Nutrition (Feeding Program) - We have had great success also with our feeding program. Our resources have been stretched to the limit, with all the extra people who are using the trade school and free medical camps. Hundreds of children are now being fed each week. For some this is the most nutritious meal they receive all week. Approximately 300 children are feed twice weekly at an investment of approximately AUD$500 per month. We are witnessing the transformation in these children each time we see them. It’s very encouraging and we are so grateful for your support of this essential program.

Education - Many of the children have also been able to attend high school this year because of our funding. Our goal moving forward is to fund 100 children a year at a cost of AUD$250 per day student and AUD$750 for each boarder per year. It is an incredibly rewarding experience to see the children eager to learn. We pray that their education will help them break the poverty cycle for their generation, giving them skills and knowledge to improve their situations in the future. 

New Project – Waste Recycling We are excited to share that Phil and Wendy Jobe will be visiting Manyatta next month to research our next project of waste recycling.  This is a two- fold operation that will work towards cleaning up the slum area of waste and plastic bottles which can then be sold to the local waste recycling company for revenue.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Education
  • Medical Camps
  • Healthy Environment Initiatives
  • Community Health Awareness
  • Gender Equality
  • Social Enterprise
  • Emergency Assistance

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