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Empowering schools and communities to develop sustainable positive outcomes in Sri Lanka

ECHO Aid Australia (Education Community Health Outreach) is a development group based in Australia that supports schools and communities in developing to become self-sustaining. Our vision is to create and support opportunities for communities, families and children to be empowered to reach their potential and in turn contribute to others

We work through schools and community groups and local entrepreneurs to develop opportunities to encourage social and economic change and create brighter futures. Areas of interest include microenterprise opportunities, improvement to school infrastructure, teaching resources including teacher training and life skills training and clean water and sanitation.

In partnership with World Relief Australia, ECHO Aid Australia will support the development of the school in Kandana and create a better learning environment for the children and a better working environment for the teachers. This is expected to lead to the children reaching a higher standard of education in their early years and creating better pathways for the future.

Key Areas of Investment

  • School infrastructure
  • Resource development
  • Microfinance opportunity development
  • Workshop materials and facilitation costs

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