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Improving educational outcomes by upgrading infrastructure at Solomon Island primary and secondary schools

Projects of Promise Capacity Building SI project has a heart for creating opportunity and building pathways out of poverty through improved educational outcomes in the Solomon Islands. VINE’s vision includes investment in key infrastructure and learning facilities which, in the long-term, will positively impact the population of almost 700,000.

In partnership with World Relief Australia, Projects of Promise will support a wide range of initiatives across various educational institutions which will include:

# Provision of a multi-purpose, steel Community Centre which will also act as a dining room, kitchen and sports centre for Kukum High school, Honiara. 

# Installation of a 100K litre water tank to complete previous investments in a series of 10 catchment tanks and pump station at Jones College.

# Distribution of library books and teaching resources throughout key primary & secondary schools.

# Completion of a swing bridge to facilitate access at Kukudu College campus.

# Provision of tertiary education scholarships for key personnel.

# Facilitate training of nationals and provision of dental services via investment in mobile dental clinics for the Honiara General Hospital.

# Inspection and maintenance / repair of previous projects

Key Areas of Investments

  • Improved infrastructure – generators and electrical supplies, ablution facilities, library books and shelving, desks and chairs

  • Ongoing maintenance – parts for equipment

  • Professional development / support / mentoring of educators

  • Regular curriculum upgrades (once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)

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