Sustainable tree planting and protection systems using communities around Indonesian conservation areas

Indonesian Conservation Foundation – Our World (ICFOW) is a legal NGO certified by the Government of Indonesia based at Mbeliling, West Flores. It works in Flores, Kalimantan and Sumatra. Our Vision is “To encourage, support and build partnering relationships between self-help community groups in Indonesia whereby they can network together in the area of conservation of their environment leading to increased health and prosperity; and, in addition, with the support and assistance of Partners, to deliver World's Best Practice relief and development projects to needy communities based on mutual accountability, trust and respect.

 ICFOW works with poor communities on the edge of conservation areas aiming to give sustainable jobs through small businesses based on forest management and ecotourism and showing how vital the environment is to their future. We aim to protect these communities from some of the negative influences of poachers and palm oil operators.

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In partnership with World Relief Australia ICFOW will

(1) partner with Karang Taruna (KT) as a source of tree seedlings, planting, managing and protecting trees. They will also organise all the labour.

(2) assist KT develop a Reforestation Training Centre in the village of Tanjung Harapan on the edge of the Tanjung Puting National Park (TPNP).

(3) plant, manage and protect 50,000 trees on 50 hectares in TPNP (416,000 hectares of which 130,000 hectares was burnt by illegal fires in 2015).

(4) establish a tented camp in the Sungei Buluh Besar area of Kalimantan, initially to house workers but then to house ecotourists to view their trees, or enjoy the wildlife in the area.

(5) create at least 30 sustainable jobs from the program taking the activities into the future.

(6) employ some of the key and relevant staff of ELI in the program thereby assisting in the survival of this vital conservation group into the future.

(7) assist at least two Australian companies with their Environmental Sustainability Management Plan (ESMP) giving meaning to their aim to move towards carbon neutral status. We will relate the number of trees planted to tons of carbon used by the company in power, fuel and other polluting activities.

Key Areas of Investments

  • Scholarships to learn reforestation techniques including a certificate and assistance in finding a job

  • Tented camp facilities ensuring a sustainable employment plan

  • Creation of specific wildlife forests identified by the program

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