Lebanon is in a state of unprecedented social upheaval. The catastrophic economic collapse, coupled with the adverse impacts of COVID-19 and the 2020 port explosion, has propelled people and institutions namely schools, across the country into a desperate state of survival. Furthermore, the current crisis has completely undercut the provision of public electricity in the country.

The Beirut Baptist School (BBS) employs 180 teachers and staff and serves 1,368 students and 805 families from low-to-middle class backgrounds yet the school itself is struggling to survive. School income has exponentially decreased due to rising unemployment and poverty, and operational costs—even with drastic budget cuts—remain high, far exceeding total school income.

In BBS’ neighborhood, like many other areas of the country, public electricity is only running for 4 hours per day. This has left the school almost entirely dependent on private generators for electricity. Yet as dependence on private generators has increased, so has the cost of fuel. This is not a budget item the school can forego—electricity is essential for education as it powers classroom technology, keeps the server functioning, and ensures that online and classroom lessons remain an option.

For this reason, this project has a focus on investing in solar panels and batteries so the school can become more sustainable and less dependent on outside funds.


Key Areas of Investment

  • Install a Photovoltaic system (PV system)
  • Implement energy conservation measures
  • Synchronize generators with solar system for optimal efficiency

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