WRA Emergency Fund

Quick deployment & response to the immediate humanitarian needs of natural disaster victims.
1606 QCCT Child Wellbeing Zimbabwe

World Relief Australia provides urgent relief to those who find themselves caught up in emergency situations, including those suffering as a result of natural disaster: earthquake, tsunami, typhoon, catastrophic flooding etc. This fund facilitates the rapid response deployment of either local teams or international disaster experts who will provide emergency food, water, shelter, sanitation, medical care, and trauma counselling to those caught up in devastation beyond belief.

Key Areas of Investment

  • Emergency food packs
  • Clean water and purification filters
  • Tarpaulins 
  • Mattresses & blankets
  • Hygiene packs
  • Cooking utensils
  • Medical supplies
  • Trauma counselling
  • Transportation costs

AMEX Warning

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Tax Deductibility Information

All donations of $2 and over to the World Relief Overseas Aid Fund are tax deductible. To qualify for tax deductibility, gifts must be unconditional. We endeavour to allocate your gift according to your wishes, or if not possible, to the nearest similar project. Non-designated gifts will be allocated to the area of most need. Administration costs are deducted prior to disbursement. All tax deductible donations will be recorded through the issue of an annual statement at the end of the financial year. Secure Payment Gateway: This site is secured by a 256 bit encryption certificate issued by RapidSSL CA. Payment information is sent encrypted to SecurePay Pty Ltd for processing by ANZ merchant services. WRA does not store credit card information on its website.