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Providing pathways out of poverty for at-risk children in Burundi through education

In Burundi, as in neighbouring countries, the large numbers of men killed during recent civil war conflicts and the rapid spread of HIV/Aids have created many poor and fragile households headed by women or minors, who have little access to opportunity for a better life.

If this country is ever to rebuild and provide a future for the next generation they must be empowered through the gift of education.

Villages of Life has developed an outstanding community offering safe housing for the vulnerable, a school, trades training centre, fish farm and diverse agricultural opportunities. To this they are adding scholarships for at-risk children which will, in the longer term, increase the community’s capacity to weather the storms, stand strong and take control over their futures.

At-risk scholarships are a 2 year committment, guaranteeing each child has at least 2 years of education with adequate support, mentoring and additional tuition to get them on the path to learning, with the option of selecting:

  • Monthly payments of $35 for 24 occurances
  • Quarterly payments of $105 for 8 occurances

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